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Re: (TFT) Fighting skeletons

Hi Joel,

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 11:55, joel siragher <joel.siragher@gmail.com>wrote:

> The rules say that a single hit of 8 points will destroy a skeleton.
> That confuses me because it makes me think that only a single hit will
> destroy a skeleton. And that bothers me because it means that a 1d6 weapon
> can never be part of a skeleton kill.
> ...
> Do smaller hits accumulate up to its ST/Hp?

I interpret it as smaller hits accumulate, just like with any figure that
takes hits. The idea with skeletons is that one big hit (8+ points) will
cause it to shatter (a special case, because they're fragile).

Here's what ITL says:

Skeletons are also somewhat fragile. Any single hit of 8 points damage or
> more will totally shatter and destroy a skeleton, regardless of the ST it
> had remaining.

As for 1d6 weapons, again, their hits accumulate and take away strength on a
skeleton. However, a 1d6 weapon can always do double/triple damage and maybe
score 8+ points.


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