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(TFT) During the ban

During the ban

   One day during the ban Darryl shows Mark and I these strange little
booklets in the office.  They are really small and look hand drawn.  Each one
is a different Christian story.  Like a guy who takes advice to do wrong and
then dies, and the guy who gave him bad advice takes off his mask and turns
out to be the devil.  Then there is some scripture, and contact address.  It
is by Chick Publications.

   They are not as good as playing D&D, but its as close as Darryl can get.
We pass them around and read every one.  One of them is even about dark
dungeons.  One of the girls hangs herself because her character dies and no
one cares.  I bring that one over to Robbies and show it to him.

   ``Yeah.  I know a lot of people who cant play anymore.`` He says.

   I shrug.  Since each one of the booklets ended with a prayer I suggest the
obvious.  ``What if we just pray before we play?``

   Robbie instantly looks shocked, appalled, and disapproving.  He shakes his
head quickly and leans back from me.  I grimace on the left side of my face.
He does not look like he wants to talk about it any more.

   ``No, no no.  Thats a terrible idea.``

   I put aside the chick booklet.

   ``So how do you play this game anyway.``

   He picks up his book with a single red stripe on the all black cover and
white lettering that says `Traveler.`  ``You roll up a character, and _then_
you get a job.``  I spend the next couple of hours rolling and trying to live
all the way through to retirement.  I finally muster out successfully, and
with a scout ship to boot.

   The next day I come over and see Jimmy on the couch in the living room with
a stack of Chick publications.  He is grinning from ear to ear and chuckling.

   ``Man, have you read these.  They are far out.``

   I go over and sit on the other couch.  ``Did you read Dark dungeons?``

  ``Oh yeah, Ha ha ha.``  He does a voice  ``my dad tried to make me stop so I
used mind bondage spell on him.``  He shakes his head grinning.  ``Man.``  He

   ``Yes.`` I say.  ``But what if theyre true.``

   Suddenly he gets real serious and looks me right in the eye.  ``Then Ward
and I will beat the shit out of you for not teaching us spells when we hit the
eighth level.``

   I purse my lips and nod.  Wise words.  I head back to Robbies room to see
where he is going to let me take this scout ship.
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