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Re: (TFT) During the ban

I started playing D&D only after I began attending a christian school, so go figure.  You know, before I heard about all the hubub the idea of creating a champion to fight devils and other undead creatures seemed pretty "christian" to me.  I blame the cover of the "Dungeon Master's Guide" for all the big wave of fanatical criticism of midevil style roleplay games.  Imagine little Johnny's mom or dad trying to pay for that book in a store.  I had to buy my own.

But, it's definately an 'age thing' too, because I look at the violence in video games now and wonder if that shouldn't have been the focus all along; I mean being rewarded for senseless violence.  But then I slap myself and remember that before D&D we used to wack each other with giant tinker-toy swords, play with army men, and burn stuff.  The only real harm in the indoor couch potato games is a lack of exersize.  You'll stay really thin when the neighborhood is at war with imaginary weapons.

Good Fortune,

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> It is by Chick Publications.

Dark Dungeons is one of the most unwittingly funny things ever!  Fortunately,
I never ran into anyone who was not allowed to play D&D/TFT.

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