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(TFT) New really chitty game client.

Hello fellow chitty players.

Found a new hex map and chit client that plays between 2 players. Havent
tried it yet.


write up:
 Description   Avalomhilly is an electronic board(War)game Host! you provide
the board and counters etc.. and Avalomhilly allows you to play the game.
But There is no AI you play asif your at a real board on a kitchen Table.

Why have I programed it? Well I wanted to play old wargames, before I
printed them , a try before you print scenario, and Also I wanted to design
and play my own boardgames! IMPORTANT To me was Simplicity and one screen
does all approach

Features: Zoom-in/out, small/big chits, 3 decks of cards, a dice bag
d4,d6,d8.d10,d12,d20 , charts, jpg and bmp support, 2500x2500 pixel board,
auto stack, GRAPHICAL display of stack, stacking max 19chits, shuffle chits,
Hexgrid overlay, edge scrolling, Text Tags to chits, just add art no techy
stuff to master, many many other features!
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