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(TFT) 7 Opponents.

7 Opponents.

   7 Opponents with cotton padded bamboo core weapons.  The Delivile property
is nicely mown & thick with trees.  I have a long sword in my right hand, a
short in my left.  They are spreading out, testing me with their feelings.  I
drop all reason and reach for pure emotion.  Dominance, and certainty, will
kill you all.  Emotion.

   My skin practically growls.  I charge at Darryl twirl my right sword at his
eyes, he flinches and takes one step backwards.  I cross swords and trap
Ward`s overhead swing, push his sword up & to the side with my long and split
open his ribcage with my short.  Right foot turns to the rear, the long
continuing on its sweep up & over.  I turn my body to the rear bringing my
long down and cleave Mark`s head in two, right where he was sneaking up behind

   Doubt in the other four.  I charge Jimmy pumping my feet hard against the
ground so he can feel the two pile drivers that are gonna climb up his face
and stomp him in the ground.  In the ground up to his neck.  Robbie adjusts
his grip, Brian Sciner throws a tennis ball.

   I dip my shoulder out of the tennis ball`s path and I take Jimmy`s Legs
with the short.  He falls to the ground on his right side.  Jimmy is always
the best at acting out an injury.  Twisting my upper body both swords come for
Robbie`s spine.  The long collides with his, the short destroys his bottom rib

   Scott Johnson sword & shield next to Brian Sciner who looks scared.  But
I`ve already eaten Brians lungs with my mind.  I run them down bringing the
long down into Brian`s head with such hunger it passes through his parry &
splits his skull.  Scott parries the short.

   Stab, he blocks.  My thirst gets me behind him.  Now I can see Darryl and
Jimmy.  I feed my thirst through Scott into Darryl & Jimmy.  Jimmy is
struggling with a dagger tangled in his belt.  Darryl is finding his emotion.
Rapid fire against Scott`s shield and sword trying to drive him back, but he`s
firm and won`t be driven into tripping over roots.

   He stabs.  Long straight up, catch his sword with the cross guard, step
into his space and take his head in the left ear with short.  He stands there
blocking my way.  Scott always is the slowest to admit his death, and he never
acts it out or falls dead.  Darryl is clenching his teeth & breathing faster.
He`s almost there.

   I step back from Scott.  Roar at Darrels thumping thumping heart and charge
around to carve it out of his chest.  He turns to run away & long splits open
his back down the length of his spine.

   Jimmy`s dagger nails me in the back.  Just below the left shoulder blade.
I look up at the tops of the trees.  I sit on my heels then roll onto my back.
The sword handles lay in my open hands still hot.

   ``Jeeze Mike what were you trying to do, kill us?``

   Everybody is getting up.

   Scott Johnson is looking at me funny.

   ``Lets go again Mike.``  Ward is up & armed.

   ``Nice throw Jimmy.``  Jimmy is standing rubbing the side of his right

   ``Yeah, I got your ass.``

   ``Lets go again.  Fight me Darryl.``   Ward says turning to him.

   ``Hold on.``  Darryl says approaching.

   ``I should have had more tennis balls.``  Brian says.

   ``I`ll fight you Ward.``  Mark says.

   Robbie is twirling his sword then stopping it forward with one hand.
``H-Yah.``  Again ``H-Yah.``

   ``I`m gonna go guys.``  Scott hands his sword & shield to Brian.  Brian
takes them puzzled, his hands now over full.  Jimmy has a wry grin & is
flipping his dagger in the air & catching it by the handle.

   Brian approaches fumbling with two swords in one hand and a shield in the

   Mark & Ward are circling and parrying each others two handed sword blows.

   ``What`s up with him.``  Brian nods over his shoulder as Scott is ducking
through the wide spot in the barb wire fence leaving the Delavile property.

   I don`t know it at the moment, but this is the last time I ever see him.
His Dad a bald ex marine who has a firm face and intimidating presence that
hides someone of super kind intentions, is driving home when a small child
comes from between all the parked cars lining the street.  Chasing a ball.
The Ambulance pronounced the child dead at the scene.  The police did not
Issue Mr. Johnson a ticket and said it was ``Just an accident.  There is
nothing you could have done.``  Knowing him I think he would have coped better
with some punishment to focus his grief on.  As it is I don`t think he`ll ever
stop blaming himself.  He sold the house and the family moved shortly there

   But at the time all I say to Brian and the others thinking maybe I had
driven Scott off by hitting him too hard is ``I went berserk.``

David Michael Grouchy II

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