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(TFT) clarify roll to miss?

Hi TFT fans:

Its time to exercise those old brain cells and answer yet another...

Rolling to miss. Heres the situation:

Player A (archer) is 2 hexes away and behind 2 swordsman B and C. He wants
to hit the bear that is mauling his friends.

He picks up his sweet, gem encrusted, hvy duty short bow, and tries to shoot
an arrow between his friend.

His regular DX is 16, but due to leather armor adjDX is 14. He is confident
he can hit the bear.

He rolls a 13, as he tries to miss frined B, and he rolls a 7 to miss his
friend C.

Then he rolls a 10 and successfully hit the bear.

I wasnt sure if the roll to miss means that he had to roll over his adjusted
dex to miss his friends.

Did we resolve this correction?
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