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(TFT) Cyberboard usability with TFT

Hi all,

I downloaded the latest version 3.03 of Cyberboard and was curious to get
feedback from people who actually use it with TFT.

I realize it's a generic board game tool, so my questions are not a
criticism of Cyberboard per se. But there are a couple of features that seem
difficult to use in context of TFT. They are either buried deep in menus, or
so far I haven't found them:

aligning counters within hexes (snap grid doesn't seem to mean this on a hex
automatic counter stacking,
calculating distances,
easy changing of counter facing in hex

Also, the generic game counters when rotated are not very readable, and it
doesn't seem you can zoom in.

Anyone found quick ways to do the above?


Jimmy Buffett  - "Indecision may or may not be my problem."
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