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RE: (TFT) Cyberboard usability with TFT

> Hi all,> > I downloaded the latest version 3.03 of Cyberboard and was
curious to get> feedback from people who actually use it with TFT.
  I have found Cyberboard laughably useless.  I use Ventrilo and my own web
page for image, and battle map posting.  I have never gotten anyone to answer
any of the questions I had about Cyberboard.  In my opinion it is abandon
ware.  Particularly because the person who wrote it is so uncommunicative as
to be hostile.  Further, having it posted on the the same page that people
sign up for the TFT news group has probably cut the subscription rate in half.
Nothing like a terri-bad first experience to turn people away.  I pray you
examine some of google docs shared docs and spread sheet services, some free
image hosting, and scrub the word Cyberboard from you memory.

David Michael Grouchy II
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