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Re: (TFT) Marginalia

When applying math to spitting cobra range, what does the source information mean? Wouldn't it likely already mean against humans, or is it against other animals? I doubt it's raw linear data for 3D gamers, though I guess a physicist or maybe a physical biologist would record a 10-foot spit as ballistic data rather than effective range. Or, if it was talking about attacking mice. So, applying Pythagorean calculations on top of the listed range may be messing with the data. 

I just did a little searching, and found different sources for different types of snake saying as little as "up to 3 feet", 8 feet, or 8-10 feet. The one saying 8-10 feet was warning humans, and other articles mentioned it was mainly a defensive act. So... I'd say usually 2 hexes for a big snake, sometimes only 1, sometimes maybe 3 hexes.

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