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Re: (TFT) Marginalia

Nice typing at you again!

That ten foot figure came off of some program, Animal Planets "most venomious" I think, I was watching while I was typing up something else.

One of the things I'm trying to do is to tie game "rules" to real world "data".
It really frees up a GMs creative burden, IMHO.

I'm also intrested in linking the shared traits of games in general via "data".
That's easier said than done on a universal level, but many games can be... uhhh... stacked(?) in intresting fassion.
For example, everything I ever really needed to know about roll playing games I learned from Steve Jackson.
TFT + Car Wars + Oger + Illuminati
Ask a few pointed questions, like who builds the Ogers and where, and you have a fairly dynamic campagin system.

Finally I'm most intrested in offering something to do in these games besides all the killing.
To do that you have to offer other aspects that are as developed as the combat system is.
I'm sure that the success of the combat model of these systems has alot to do with human psych, but some of us have an instinct to build things too.
Where do you think good GMs come from?

Finally, while I know that nobodys gonna be a renasance man these days, the problem dosen't lie in what people don't know but rather the problem is with what people THINK they know.
Reference materal is at least somewhat objective.
If a player wants to trump my materal with more detailed "data" then we're all a little more educated for it and the issue was setteled with a bit of objective judgement.
Got a rules lawyer in your group? Give them a legal system.
That kinda thing.

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