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(TFT) Introduction

This e-mail is not so out of the ordinary as most of the ones that have been
posted but I just recently joined this group and I thought I would introduce
myself.  I played TFT with a group here in Toronto when it first came out 30
years ago. We were playing it 3 times a week before
marriage/university/computer games/jobs came along and broke up the group. We
also tried GURPS/Traveller/Morrow Project and some other RPGs but we all
agreed that TFT was the best. S'funny but we never played D&D. Now that I am
retired I am trying to get the group together and get back into the game. My
return to TFT was at times frustrating (Try asking for hex-sheets at a
Warhammer game store) but eventually I found that others were still
interested. I was especially surprised at the number of web sites dedicated to
TFT and found a lot of useful stuff there.
Show them the way! Add maps and directions to your party invites.
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