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Re: (TFT) Excerpts from the Dark Lords diary

<When the day comes that you can take a handful of cesium atoms, throw them
into the air, and accurately predict the decay of each and every one of
those atoms...

Well, on that day you will be God, and you can say whatever you wish.>

I DO say what I want, haven't you noticed?
< grins large >
But here's another point, kinda related to the "can god make an object too heavy for god to move?"
What is the bias against god not knowing the outcome?
Are we truly so arrogant as to deny god the ability to play games?
"God does not play dice."
Why not?
Why can't god create a "tree of stories" for entertainment, if nothing else?
If I'm in the image and I get bored...
How does god get his random?

I can't keep from the babble it seems.
This is the christmas what never ends here.
Friends from the right side of the mountains finally got through today and we finnished half my x-mass rum cake.

"Drinking again...
Thinking about when you loved me...
Having a few..."
-Drinking Again by Doris Tauber & JOHNNY frickin MERCER
(I prefer B. Manilows arangement for Bette Midler)

Ergo my commentary this evening is next to useless.

This is what I'm working on right now.
I need to explain how the scale lets guys like Mr. Miller do even better models because there to scale, and let Mr. Gosset know that his standies are gonna have a prob when the Figure in question is long, wide, and tall at once.
The squares work like legos in consturction, and like Conways "Life" for things like growth over time.
Even Wolfram aint connected non-periodic tileing with Life principals.
I thought I'd hit something this summer with a big impact on Mars.
BIG impact.
If you liked the whale/TNT visual your gonna LOVE this!
I thought I'd really "discovered" something.
Boy was I behind the ball, although I still think I could have a point about "pass-through" impacts, rather than the T-bones they measure currently from what I can tell.


I TOLD you I can't stop babbleing, ESPECIALY once John Barleycorn shows up.

Forgive my weakness.

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