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Re: (TFT) Excerpts from the Dark Lords diary

That smacks of arrogance, don't you think?

"[By observing space, we have changed it.]"

...such a bold and powerful statement, for such a passive action!

By observing a quantum event, the quantum event changes merely because it
has been observed.  We have no way of knowing whether it would have changed
without our observation or not.  We only know that when we observed it, it
changed.  We had no active hand in it's transformation.

I still prefer the active hand, but quantum physics has not, does not, and
will not work that way.

When the day comes that you can take a handful of cesium atoms, throw them
into the air, and accurately predict the decay of each and every one of
those atoms...

Well, on that day you will be God, and you can say whatever you wish.

David Jackson

On 1/8/09 4:47 AM, "David Michael Grouchy II"
<david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com> wrote:

>    By the very act of observing space we have changed it and added time to it.
> Where it did not exist before.  It goes from 3 to 4.  And as we all know
> David Michael Grouchy II
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