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Re: (TFT) Introduction

On Sun, 11 Jan 2009 19:33:20 GMT
"John" <johnnyboytmm@juno.com> wrote:
> Hey, welcome to the group.  This sort of growth spurt in membership is unusual, but the group is good fun.

It's definitely odd to get such a rush on the list.  I can't help but
wonder what leads folks here.  It's the same with the archives over
at gettft.brainiac.com.  The archivist tells me that weeks will go by
without a request for the key to the vault, followed by a flurry of
requests.  Did TFT get mentioned in a blog or forum, which led to
googling aplenty?  Do folks only ask at the new moon?  Beats me, but
I'm glad to have you all here.  

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant - jh@brainiac.com
 Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa
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