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Re: (TFT) Artwork Critique

Mark wrote:

Obviously, the pit was shallow enough the barbarian could reach down and grab the lady's (? what kind of "lady" dresses like that?) hand. She's probably been down there (dieting) for a couple of weeks, unable to climb the 8 feet to escape because of her high heels.

Okay, I understand the need for fantasy babes. I probably never would have played these games if it were for Boris Vallejo's artwork. OTOH, what has always bother me about this art is that it is deceptive in another way. Heroes and sorcerous babes catch the eye to be sure...but what about the nose? What do these characters smell like anyway? Shouldn't these pictures be "scratch and sniff" so we can really experience barbarian heroism at its finest? :-)

Aidan =====
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