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Re: (TFT) More on hexes

Hey John.

Keep 'em 1.3m or about 4.3ft across side to side (sts) and draw 'em on actual quad-graph or quarter inch graph, and you can use physical data like measured drawings from a design program, or a magizine that provides home plans, or a scale map, or a hurricane tracking chart, or... etc.
Knowing that each square is 13x13 inches at the Battle Map scale is fairly useful for rough square foot estimation.
If we agree on how to draw them, someone like Mr. Miller could bring some of his game equipment to my place and the scale match would be exact, in other words all the legos would have the same dimensions on graph paper, no matter whose graph paper it was.
If there's a standard hex, it helps all the players get the same "visual" or concept.
More in a bit, I'm testing out this "highspeed" dealie now what I'm a paid subscriber and whatnot.

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