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Re: (TFT) waiting for the coffee...

That's the sort of abstraction you just have to make to build a game.  The game designer has to bite the bullet and determine the size of a round.  1 second, 5 seconds,  one minute, whatever.  There are times when fewer than 1 meaningful attack happens in 5 seconds as circling and feints and positioning occur, and theer are times (say in fencing or boxing) when a flurry of attacks are made and defended in such a timeframe.  So the game abstracts it.

We always consider the attack roll a single blow, because it makes the description more fun.

a 3 - triple damage - 
"With a might swing of your 2-handed sword, you cleave the giant's head from his shoulders, - your opponents pale at the sight of their former champion thus split in twain"

just sounds better than "over the course of the last round a number of your attacks met with success than in previous rounds, wearing your opponent down to the point where he is no longer a combatant"

We tend to be willng to abstract the things that are, of need, abstracted, and just go with the flow.

And when timing matters, we use the 5 seconds.  So if it will take reinforcements 3 minutes to arrive, the current defenders will need to endure 36 combat rounds to benefit from those reinforcements.

------from JAY----------------------------------------------
I find that often players intend/imagine their actions to occur on the 0.2 second scale rather than the 5 second turn.

When does an attack roll represent a singel blow vs. a series of attacks over a 5 second period? 

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