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Re: (TFT) More on hexes

    For my purposes, 5 feet is easier to estimate than 4.3, and is not materially different (given the less than exacting nature of my game calculations). 

That less than exacting nature comes in handy since  there are lots of available 1 inch equals 5 feet maps (though they are usually a square grid for some other lesser game system) - and GURPS maps are 1" to one yard scale - which are both close enough for my level of exactitude (since I get to swipe a map rather than create one).

And rest assured, if Mr Miller brought cool stuff over to my place, we would sudenly be using his scale for that evening.  'Cause those freaking voidstation 57 pics are freakin cool - there is NO WAY i get a chance to play with them and let a silly thing like scale get in the way.  My little cardboard heros are TOTALLY fighting those hulking robots, come on, how cool are those things.

So, while I would not object to everyone using the same scale (especially if y'all adopted my scale) I am pretty fexible about scale when stealing other people's work.  And since I am pretty much a minimalist when I run games - lots of plain pencil sketches on graph paper I have printed out from the website - works great for hymenopteran hives, let me tell you.  

I like cooler stuff like david's, just too lazy and pressed for time to create it on my own - so I steal maps and tweak the scale a little.  I have printed out hexgrids in a couple of scales onto transparencies so I can overlay a grid onto ANY picture at all.  I may be lazy, but I am not uncreative. I will smush my scale into any cool stuff I come accross - so I'm not too fussed about scales matching.

I think we just want (or demand) different amounts of exactitude in our games.  

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Keep 'em 1.3m or about 4.3ft across side to side (sts) and draw 'em on actual quad-graph or quarter inch graph, and you can use physical data like measured drawings from a design program, or a magizine that provides home plans, or a scale map, or a hurricane tracking chart, or... etc.

Knowing that each square is 13x13 inches at the Battle Map scale is fairly useful for rough square foot estimation.
If we agree on how to draw them, someone like Mr. Miller could bring some of his game equipment to my place and the scale match would be exact, in other words all the legos would have the same dimensions on graph paper, no matter whose graph paper it was.

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