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(TFT) Names

My character names have always been boring anglo-saxon names with no oommpphh
to them. I once played a wizard named Clarence who, fortunately, died a quick
death early in the campaign. I mention this because I managed to download a
character name-generator program from one of the RPG web sites (Don't remember
where now). It generates wicked names so that now the NPC's in my campaign
will not have a Fred the butcher or Jim the Baker. Sh'Iornik the magician or
Qeolol the alchemist sound a little more exotic.

The GM of one very brief campaign that I was in had a NPC named Tumac. I still
remember that name after 30 years because, instead of aiding the players, this
NPC was so obnoxious that we killed him off just for the hell of it. The GM
was not too thrilled about that.
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