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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #1113

< Let's stick to TFT related topics. >

Please don't read this as being pissy.
It's not ment to be.
TFT has several Talents that refrence "Sieges" and "Warfare".
Lacking specific rules for operations on these scales I have made my own.
I believe even SJ advocated a course of action like this.

Also, I believe that a question was asked about modeling various athletic sports in TFT.
This is an area that IMHO can become so abstract under TFT as to actually deter role-play possabilities in favor of roll-play.
I've already posted all the data I use to run baseball Jay-shorthand style.
Useing that info, I guage slighly diffrent results depending upon how close +/- a player comes to rolling their aDex, with an exact roll being max effect for the action, not counting criticals.
I figure I'll have to explain my reasoning here, as well as the notation.

Chits, dice, pencil and paper, etc., are all tools the GM uses to keep track of the gameworld.
Because I want to set up a gameworld that involves a war, and TFT is basicly arena fighting, I've got some explaining to do, but I fail to see how describing my use of said tools is off topic.
There actually is a diffrence in a 4.3ft. hex vs. a 5ft. hex from a body relative standpoint.
If nothing else, the discussion helps clarify how each of us use the terms.
You may disagree with my aproach, making it irrelavant for your style of gameing, but I wrote all this stuff under TFT and that's why I'm talking about it here.

What if I called the party a Unit on a wargame scale and kill several players based off a CRT result on the wargame scale?
(Think 'Chiten' for the Hymops)
This works for roll-play/wargamming, but dosn't pass the role-play sniff test to me.
Players pop quiffs.


Perhaps it would help if I state that a large part of what I'm intrested in is taking "real-world" data and kinda "back of the envelope" translating it into TFT.
For example;
Some History Chanel programe I was watching had a Trebuche lobbing 42lb. projectiles at 42m.p.h.
They called this 3 mega joules force.
What would you call that for damage?

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