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(TFT) This would not happen in real life....

We had started a new session of playing TFT. Each of us had, just that
evening, made up new starting characters and we had just decided on our first
quest. The very first encounter was when a large bear came out of the woods
towards us. One character had the "Animal Handler" talent so he moved towards
the bear. The rest of us were not so willing to go along with this and the
Spearman threw his spear at the bear while someone else (me) fired an arrow.
Both of us failed to miss (Basic skill levels only) the Animal Handler and he
ended up dead while trying to talk to a charging bear. It later occurred to us
that if this had been real life what had actually happened was that an enraged
bear had charged us, one person had gone over to talk to it while his best
buds had put a spear and an arrow in his back. Let CSI figure that one out.
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