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(TFT) Thail is looking for a new player.

Hi all,
  I'm temporary GM in Dave Seagrave's Thail pbem 
TFT campaign.  We had a vital member quit just before
he became VERY important.

  Normally I like people to run their own characters,
but I'm hoping that someone could step in to run 
Lionel (a Merchant Fighter) for this segment of the 

  When it is done you can keep on playing him, or I
would be willing to transfer all of Lionel's exp earned
to a new character.  Look at it as a chance to try out
the campaign and figure out what character you would 
like before committing to it.

  Anyway, Lionel is a fairly quiet type who was best
known for not saying a lot, but when he did it was 
worth listening to.  If you are interested in helping
out, or giving Thail a try, please contact me.

  Thail has been running (with one 5 month break) 
since July 2001, so I do NOT recommend you try reading
the back posts before getting started.

  Warm regards, Rick.
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