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RE: (TFT) Names

Oh, and another great surreal name comedy, involved the name of a military unit of a city state in my first TFT campaign. Some guards had been assigned to assist the players, and on their group record sheet I had written in the top in big capital letters: GAURDS (sic). Which was seen and pointed out to me as a spelling error, which got me embarrassed and so I made up on the spot and replied, "No, that's the name of the guard unit, the Ga-urds [Gah-oords], which of course set the comical tone for how those folks were.

Reminds me of Saki's story "The Talking-Out of Tarrington":

    "My name is Tarrington," resumed the candidate for recognition.
    "A very useful kind of name," said Clovis; "with a name of that sort no one would blame you if you did nothing in particular heroic or remarkable, would they? And yet if you were to raise a troop of light horse in a moment on national emergency, 'Tarrington's Light Horse' would sound quite appropriate and pulse-quickening; whereas if you were called Spoopin, for instance, the thing would be out of the question. No one, even in a moment of national emergency, could possibly belong to Spoopin's Horse."

Except, maybe, in a TFT campaign...

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