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Re: (TFT) Bell Curve - 3d10?

The disadvantage of this is adding up 3d20.  Quick,
what is 8 + 19 + 13?  

Three d 10 might be OK.  Be a long time before you
rolled a triple damage tho.  ;-)

Warm regards, Rick.

On Sun, 2009-25-01 at 14:54 -0600, Edward Villarreal wrote:
> I think you could use d20's and still get the 'feel' of TFT's bell curve,
> just use 3 d20's and scale attributes to match.  The advantage I see to
> doing this is you could get more frequent attribute builds each of which
> would represent a smaller increase in performance than would an attribute in
> TFT's current system.  They would also come more frequently if you matched
> the value of the attribute increase to experience cost.  I would still use
> d6's for damage.  Still there is no need to fix whats not broken.
> ed
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