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(TFT) Bell Curve

Joe, Kirk, and the Gang,

OK-I want to understand. I really, really do! It would make my life easier if I could grasp the mysteries that you speak of...

But, for the life of me, I can't figure out what is so magical about using the Bell Curve "to hit".

Granted, I agree that degrees of skill and learning become less and less by degree; that the more one learns, the less there is to learn; that eventually it comes down to refinement. I completely get all of that.


I have played TFT as long a most of you others, and I just don't see why "chance to hit" should be weighted toward the middle. I still feel that using 3d6 is an out-dated concept that we (TFT'ers, that is) defend doggedly using the "Bell Curve Argument" because it's the only way to preserve our hallowed Gama Mater.

What would really help me is examples 'in life' of how this applies. Not in learning, but in usage.

Anyone?  Anyone?

Gavin Gossett
The Fantasy Quest
TFQ Games

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