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(TFT) bursting pimples at the list

Bell curves?

< sighs >

Okay, riddle me this then me droogies!

Take a cube (die) 1" by 1" by 1".
Truncate it by marking the middle point of each edge and removing the corners.
Six square sides and 8 triangle sides.
So what is the curve for three 14 sided die?
After many MANY empirical tests, a.k.a. rolls, I can state with some confidence that the thing as described rolls a corner, or triangle, 1 time out of 5.
I strongly suspect the things probability to be directly related to its size, due to the differences in surface areas.
(Vaguely interesting math to that, what. Center point of the trunk-cube to the center point of each surface..., I'll have to spend a shcoosh more time here.)

Where was I?
Oh yeah.

< Why not leave the system alone, ...and concentrate on creating and playing great adventures? >

Is this serious?

If I wanted to change TFT I'd be ranting about the little thought experiment above.
"Let's use 14 sided dice" or some such Jay babble.

TFT is not a complete system.
It almost died in utero.

What if TFQ blew up right now at beta four and we were having this discussion about that system?
Your advice amounts to "forget the holes in the system (lack of promised supplements), just write for what you've got."

Engineer Talent says I can build a trebuchet.
That's about it for the "rules" for trebuchets.
How much damage do they do? (I don't see anyone answering THAT question)
How long does it take to build them and how much wood resource does it burn up?

Pardon me if I prefer to consult reference material rather than trust to this abstract "abstract" thing I've herd invoked.
Telling me to "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" aint gonna work.
At that point my next action is "I start digging..."
Chess is awfully fair because both players pieces work the same.
For a GM to abstract siege engines is to basically say that this Talent is worthless in their version of TFT.
"Not in THIS universe buddy, I'M the only one who'll ever know how trebuchets work here."
Fine, I start digging.
Make me think your telling me a story in TFT and I'll start digging.
If you can't handle that, then you already know how this all goes down, or at least up until the last "boss" fight.
May I suggest some of the excellent dice rolling programs out there from list members?
Roll your story out with one of those and write out the results.
I'll read it, just don't ride hag on me to roll dice for your story.
I've got better things to do. 
Nothing I do as a player can really affect the outcome, so why bother?
You invoke abstractivity; I'll counter with objectivity.
Who wins in that conceptual paper, rock, scissors?

Apparently, as quick as you put quiff poppers in a Universe there's problems twixt the occupants and the landlord, so to speak.
Ain't that jaweh fella ticked off at us cause we ain't using the thing the way he meant or something?
That free-will things a real pickle.
Maybe he should give up the concept of owning the place.
The fences are down (thank you lades) and nobody asked me for a ticket.
Sorry dude, but I don't think your gonna make a profit off of this gig.

One of the reasons I keep messing with Role-Playing games is that education/entertainment thing I talked about.
A gifted lecturer, an enjoyable documentary film or a well written book perhaps, and RPG's all can combine the two into a gestalt. 
Of the above "mediums" only RPG's are truly interactive.
Assuming the GM's story doesn't get in the way.
The reason they call it a medium is that its works are rarely well-done.

< 3 6-sided dice added together gives that "just right" feel. >

But TFT doesn't put a cap on the number of dice I can ask a player to roll.
When I was a kid, a popular piece of trivia was that people dream in black and white.
It turns out this is actually only true of someone born and raised with black and white television.
If you grew up with color television, you probably dream in color.
You also dream in color if you didn't grow up with television and movies.

I'm not trying to golden rain on anybody's opinions, or parade with any of this; it's simply that I hold a separate opinion, and if we're gonna parade our nether regions (everybody's got one) around the list, I can't resist the occasional release of some verbal flatulence in your general direction.
And no, my auntie's don't read the list.

What's the inverse of if it ain't broke don't fix it?
Cause TFT has some "holes" in.

It was a bit of a botch job really.
I mean, he only had six days to make it now, didn't he?
Or something like that from 'Time Bandits', where the Dark Lords fortress was /lego blocks...

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