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(TFT) The Tomb

> From: brethalda@yahoo.com
> Joe I had another solo adventure I placed on the list in 2000 called
> the Tomb. Ask DMG it's a killer (no pun intended). I'm going to clean
> it up so it can be placed on the wiki.

   Here is the link to my review of Justin Grabowski's "The Tomb"
   Here is a link to the original posting of the Adventure by Justin
The Tomb 1
The Tomb 2
The Tomb 3
The Tomb 4
The Tomb 5
The Tomb 6
The Tomb 7

   And a reprint of the review...
    Everyone died. Saturday I had three players. I told them to make a 38 point character and three 32 point followers. Each player had four characters for a total of 12. The twelve orcs anihilated the players. Twelve longbows, concentrating fire. One player threw up a three hex wall (smart move), but it just caused the orcs to charge with spears and swords. Total casualties eight dead orcs, all twelve players dead. Death ratio 8:12. It occures to me that they would have lost the map on their first try (as per second sentence above), but I allowed them to try again. By then end of twelve weeks game time there was a total of 23 dead players. They finaly beat the troll. Man you should have seen how scared the players were, and their faces when I told them the stairs went down into water. "Uh, I summon a myrmidon and send him into the water." Congradulations. The TOMB scared the bejezus out of veteran players. We had one beginner and one observer. After finding the magic lock pick they went back to town and started making 5-Die rolls to sell it. They got $6,000 for the lock pick after another two month of trying, and bought abunch of plus one weapons. Then they drank a toast to the dead theives, and they do not plan on going back to the tomb untill they get a lot more experience. After the Sunday night session I asked a few questions. "First, did the adventure make you want to play in a full campaign?" The answere was a resounding yes. They all wanted more, even the observer. "Second, did the adventure make you want to write your own adventure?" The answer was no. And lastly "was there enough treasure?" They insisted on a Not Applicable answer on this one (surprised me really), they all answered N/A. They said they would answer that if they ever got enough experience to try and finish the tomb. Everyone wants to play again this weekend.    Now for the typos...    Section (1), should send  them to section (10) not section (11).    The end of section (10) should say "Go back to 1."
I assumed the +1DX/+1dmg sword in section (24) was finely made and not magical. Still a $6,000 item."

     David Michael Grouchy II

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