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RE: (TFT) Names

>> "Cas and Lisa Liber" wrote:
>> I remember I taught my dad how to play D&D and he made a
>> couple of characters and called them 'Edward' and 'Arthur'

> From: jh@brainiac.com
> From the earliest days of both role-playing and on-line forums
> and such, I have used the same pseudonym - Sal Paradise.
> Sal and I have had good times over the years.

   The first solo adventure I ever went on was under a DM named Robert Miles. He has me roll 3d6 six times and then he consults some tables in the players' handbook. He tells me that I am a dwarf. So I name him Tigh. I am given a mission to kill the orc king. I fell this was a little much for a beginner character but I am willing to suspend disbelief for a while and see how this woill play out. Robert sends a wizard with me 'to help.' Which put me a little more at ease. That is, until we get to the orc camp. 
   There they are. All four hundred of them in tents surrounding one giant tent. My dwarf Tigh looks at the wizard and says 'now what?'
   I am expecting some invisibility, maybe a teleport. Robert consults the players' handbook and says 'He casts Time Stop'. I walk into the camp unmolested. Walk into the big tent and see his big orcness frozen in place. I hack off the orc kings head and walk out. 
   To Robert I say "I Tell the wizard 'I did it'."  He nods and we leave. Victory. I get experience for killing the orc king.
    David Michael Grouchy II
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