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Re: (TFT) Intro (Was: Re: Death Test)


I think you point the difficulty of converting real humans to characters
in TFT and coming up with reasonable states. How many NPC should really
have much higher IQ's if you threw in everything they know. The IQ
system just isn't meant to cover everything someone knows or does. I
used to split the IQ into Intelligence and Knowledge. This made things
seem more rational. If we limit just what qualifies as a talent, then it
becomes a little easier. If thrust into Cidri, I could probably make a
living constructing bows and arrows from scratch. Done it. Made some
flutes too. If I thought long and hard enough, I could manufacture a
pentatonic flute and a diatonic flute in a reasonable period of time.
Simple percentages applied to length of tube with a little fussing about
the hole size based on wall thickness and diameter. I've played guitar
and  lute but probably not qualify as a Bard, maybe as mundaen talents.
Others that would probably qualify as talents: literacy, swimming,
charisma AND sex appeal (ok, not really), physicker (army medic),
tactics (eh, maybe), gun (flintlocks and cap and ball).

While I've done martial arts on and off for years, and could probably
argue for Sword, stickfighting and UC1 maybe UC2 with a straight face,
I'd probably be more honest to say I was studying these things- pretty
close but not complete. While I could fend off your average Joe or two,
not sure how far these skills would get me in a real fight. If you throw
in the other hobbies, I might be studying spear (atlatal), sling,
painting, two-weapons and theologian.

Fun topic,

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 11:32 AM, raito@raito.com wrote:

Ax/Mace, Knife, Pole Weapons, Sword. 32 years of SCA and WMA and other
weapons training. I won't claim Shield (I can use one, but I wouldn't
hire me for the shield wall), or Crossbow or Bow (I'm a passable shot,
but again, no one would pay me.) That's 6 IQ just there...
I'm afraid I'll have to take Fencing, too. Besides the SCA armoured, I
fence as well, and did epee all the way through high school. (I've only
fought 1 actual SCA fencing tourney though. Took the guy generally
designated as the best we have, and won 4 of 4.)(Besides, I see the
Fencing talent as nothing more than a high degree of skill). And UC1.
I've been punching, kicking, and grappling since before it was
fasionable. And Armourer (but not Master). That's 7 more points.

Tactics, yes (won't claim Strategist, though). And Two Weapons (because
that what I fight with the most.) That's 4 more points.
I'll also claim UC2, and Mathematician, and UC 3 and 4 (I don't think
I'm quite up to 5). That's another 8 points. ..

So I guess I have to have an IQ of 34. I don't think I'm that smart.
Minimum ST would have to be 16, but I'm not as strong now as I used to
be (at 47...) and a DX of at least 15.
That would make me hell on wheels when the fighting starts, at least.

Neil Gilmore
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