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(TFT) general stuff

< There was also a Dance spoof based on Saturday Night Live of which I still
have a copy. >

Kirk, PLEASE, may I have a copy of this (if not too much trouble)? Pretty Please?

< I have the full chart of hit probabilities on an Appleworks 
spreadsheet, and will be happy to send it along if anyone is 
interested, or describe the algorithms used. >

Mark, PLEASE, may I have a copy of this (if not too much trouble)? Pretty Please?

< I just knew that someone would calculate the actual odds for a bad storm. >

Mr. Carter, I didn't actually calculate the odds for a storm.
I just use old Farmers Almanacs and a probability system for weather when it's important.
Today in '79 Gemini sets 9-11 e / 19hr 35m daylight 1h 41m twilight / 28th to 31st variable time, fair Great Lakes westward becoming unsettled far west, some snow Colorado eastward through Ohio. Mostly fair, cold eastern states.
Stuff like variable, and fair get effect distributions on 2 or 3 dice and criticals goto storms and disasters.
I'd say last years storm was something like three one's, then another 3, and then a 5, on 3 - 3d6 checks by my system.
Sorry if I was confusing in my response.

< If anyone is interested, I`ll send you a copy. >

Ross, PLEASE, may I have a copy of this (if not too much trouble)? Pretty Please?

Okay I said,
ST 9
DX 9
IQ ? (Proot!)
(Speaking of not human male Figures, I played a Prootwaddle once,... Do we have a Proot torture thread yet? Nail their tongue to a 10ft pole to check for traps and such?)

Anyway, if we're gonna be objective and all.
My nintendo oui "fitness age" is 24, whatever that means.
The U.S. army developed a 6-12 conditioning program for indoors.
It involves six sets of 6 exercises apiece, 1 set for each day (rest on Sunday) for 12 minuets of actual exercise, or a 30-minuet timeslot of your day with advised stretching and warm-up.
6 age categories @ 3 levels a category.
The tables list average performance in number of repetitions per amount of time allotted per exercise, usually one or two minuets per exercise, except for things like Running in place.
12 turns per minuet.

Table VI
Age Group 40 to 44
Level A
5th exercise, 5 minuets (60 turns) into routine.
1 minuet duration.

>From sitting position, lift the hips supporting the body on the hands and feet.

By moving the arms and legs walk on all fours either forward or backward.

Starting with the left hand, a repetition is completed each time the left hand contacts the floor.

So the table says 27 reps, or about 2.222 seconds per rep, or basically 2 reps per turn for Joe Average 40 to 44yr old.
When I actually perform the exercise, I cover around 4.3ft. per rep.
This suggests 2 hexes crab-crawling per turn for this dusty old fart, by the book.

The ruler test suggested by Mark and Kirk gives me a DX of between 13.5 to 12, depending on who's dropping the thing.
I don't know about accuracy either.
When I used to be in the 82nd infantry, I shot hawkeye in basic and went to sniper school.
I've gone Hollis from Northern Exposure these days.
I generally prefer reflex tests to other measures for DX.
I think speed of motion has more to do with the concept of grace than people allow.
A "graceful" individual can be considered to be "perceiving" their movements faster than a clumsy individual.
Ergo the graceful individual has many more instances of choice over the same duration than the clumsy one does and so the graceful individual can make many more "corrections" to their movement over x time than the clumsy individual can.
Result, a more graceful, less jerky movement.
I think the above description is a syntheses of DX and IQ.
DX is the muscle memory, or reflex, while IQ is the perception, or choice.

1 ST = 5.5lbs @ 1fps force

DX = 1 second / DX

IQ = 2 seconds / IQ

So Reaction Time (0.3sec @ 10DX + 10IQ) = IQ, Perception (0.2sec @ 10IQ) + DX, Reaction (0.1sec @ 10DX)  
That's about 16 and 2/3rds "choice" moments per turn for 10DX + 10IQ.

What is this education thing you speak of?
I grew up in Louisiana in the 70's.
We had the ACT.
You didn't pony up for the SAT unless you planed on leaving state.
Else if, if IQ = real world IQ/10 then I'm between 15 and 17.
Depending on which convince store I'm walking outta.

I can still hump a 30+lb ruck 10 to 20 miles a day, up to around 1000ft or so via trail, does that count?

< But I use the average of ST and IQ to determine DX. >

I'd be very intrested in hearing more about this.

So... back to measured Talents.

Second in importance only to the spin of the ball is the velocity or speed of the pitch.
As spin is applied by the posistion of the fingers gripping the ball, velocity is added significantly by the pressure of the fingers gripping the ball.....

Intresting reading.
I'll try to have something in game terms AND ledgable by the end of the weekend....

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