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(TFT) Playing with yourself

Although I can't quote chapter and verse, there was an article in the Space
Gamer or something similar that addressed this, sometime in the late 70s or
early 80s.  It was a quick and dirty way to start a character based on
yourself.  If anyone still has this article, I'd love the specifics!

My memory tells me something like this:

ST - equal to as many full, real pullups one can do in 60 seconds, no
resting on the ground
DX - have someone drop a 12 inch wooden ruler, 12 side down and edge at your
fingertips, between your thumb and forefinger with no warning and try to
grab it;  add the number you grasp (rounded up) to 8 
IQ - back when the SAT or GRE had a 1600 point range.divide by 100, round up

Of course, then you could add any talents or skills you might possess, and
subtract for age 50 plus as per TFT rules.

When I was in my very early twenties and not the trained fighter ;) and
college educated person I am now ;) , my stats were, I believe (just for
interest only I'm puttin' myself out there, I would love to hear what others
might have).

ST - 11
DX - 13
IQ - 15

A 39 point character, not so bad.  Probably good as a wizard, but a talented
fighter might work.  Of course, this doesn't take into account my poor
vision corrected only by modern eyewear, so probably would have to be a lab
wizard.  Oddly enough, I think my stats would be about the same now, though
I would have to start subtracting for age this coming year, darn, and I
would have a plethora of fun talents like mathematician, UCI-V, sword,
knife, farming, bow, running, fencing, literacy, chemistry, engineer,
mechanician, intermediate Spanish (any Spanish speaking orcs out there?),
basic Latin, etc.

There was also a Dance spoof based on Saturday Night Live of which I still
have a copy.  Does anyone else remember this?  You goal was to score, or
score so many points, by dancing, fighting, arguing, and drinking.  It used
TFT stats and on a turn you could drink a beer, start a discussion, dance,
etc. and of course there were random guests besides the other players to
interact with who would argue or dance or fight.  If you declined to argue,
you lost points somehow through humiliation.  Maybe the same for dancing if
you failed to successfully dance.  It was hilarious.  If you were arguing,
for instance, and one side was losing, I think you could then start a fight
(fisticuffs only).  Beer slowed you down and made you stupid but gave you
some "armor" in the form of numbness, I guess, and a bit more strength.
Each beer, also, upped your party points toward a win.  It was fun to try a
nerd, or a ladies' man, or a brawler and see if you could score before
throwing up, being humiliated, or knocked out.


>On a tangent, I have toyed for years with the idea of a 
>campaign in which each player plays as himself (or herself). I can't 
>figure out how to have any battles that don't wipe out the whole 
>crowd. Kirk is probably the only person I've played with who might 
>survive a melee.
> -Mark
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