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Re: (TFT) Intro (Was: Re: Death Test)

At 11:18 AM -0500 1/31/09, Neil wrote:
So I guess I have to have an IQ of 34. I don't think I'm that smart.
Minimum ST would have to be 16, but I'm not as strong now as I used to
be (at 47...) and a DX of at least 15.

That would make me hell on wheels when the fighting starts, at least.

Neil, I have suspected this for a while, but now I *know* I would not like to meet you in a dark alley!

But I don't know that it's unreasonable. A lot of your training has been in areas that "count" on the table, whereas a lot of us put time into stuff that doesn't "count" (except, perhaps, as "mundane talents" not listed in the books. C++? Optimal Control Theory?)

One might try picking a "profession" for you which reflects some reasonable level of risk (remembering that SCA activities often *do* involve some risk), and then see what happens if you roll for 29 years. A 65-point character might turn out to be pretty accurate.

If you do want to tune down to fewer total points, probably the best way would be split attributes on IQ. (Which is probably the best answer to tune the system for a lot of us.) Pick the "intelligence" you want, then let your "memory" go up to 34.

Meantime, I may use you as an NPC whenever I want to give my party a real scare.


At 11:18 AM -0500 1/31/09, Kirk wrote:
(TFT) Playing with yourself

You did *not* really say that, did you?
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