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Re: (TFT) Re: Female Characters

At 9:28 -0500 1/30/09, Todd wrote:
I can't
recall how we did DX, maybe just put it at 9 or 10 but modified it for those
athletic players.

I'd love to hear suggestions on this. A couple of ideas:

Archery accuracy, requiring 1 arrow/5 seconds.

Ruler-drop test: I hold the 12 and suddenly drop it, you put your fingers near the 1 but not touching it, and catch it as high as you can after I drop. Your DX = 14 - the inch marker you catch it at. (All constants subject to arbitrary revision. Use cm instead of inches? Start at 16 instead of 14?) Of course, this is reactions, not accuracy.

Run a hand-slap game tournament (I hold out my hands palm up, you put yours on them palm down, I try to slap the back of your hand before you pull away). Set the median finisher at 11, rank others relative to him (or her). Ties (roughly) mean same ranking.

As above, with slap-jack or jacks or similar test of dexterity. Jacks has the advantage of requiring speed *and* accuracy.
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