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Re: (TFT) Speak of it Again!

The time has come, the Jay now says, to talk of many things.
Of boomerangs and paper castles, and how to be a king.


There's two sides to this one.
First you gotta pick an Action.
These decisions are called behavior after the fact.
Picking the Action is only half the battle though.
Then one has to perform the Action.

Let's use something interesting as an example.
How about boomerangs?

I've got 2 that are actually from Australia, not that it matters so much because just about every primative tribe had a version of the thrown stick, but these days that's what folks think of when they hear the term.

The returner is marked from Rang Boomerangs, Western Austraila (Perth?).
It's almost a foot in length and is obviously a toy.
Weight, 2 ounces.
The ouch stick is marked as being made by the Darrunga tribe.
She's two feet long and this is on the small end I'm told.
I've got examples that are 6 feet in length and a foot wide.
They used these big 'uns as a kind of shield/hand weapon that could be thrown.

So my retorical question here is this.
Why make a boomerang in the first place, or in other words, how does a boomerang work?

Think rotation.

3.25" moments... 2 feet... 7 or 8 moments for a 2 foot long boomerang.
Rotates about it's center.
Call it 4 moments per side.
This is a third of the length of a typical sword.
I figure the wood is some kind of eucalypts but have little information on which of the 500+ species it comes from.
I suspect the thing was made for the tourist trade but the wood is QUITE hard (I suspose I'll have to come up with a Mohs scale for wood) and seems to retain a symbalance of functionality.
Weight, half a pound.
These things are about accuracy at a distance.

I've made a few boomerangs of my own (over 100).
I've no idea WHO impressed SJ SO MUCH that he thought I should get 2 dice off a thrown stick and 1d - 4 off a thrown rock.
I simply can't make that happen.
Of course I'm not just making up my figures either.

Anybody who wants to try and follow the damage stuff can refer back to the post that starts as follows.

Someone pointed out recently that there isn't a whole lot of difference between a 3 foot sword and a 3 foot club.

The Archives of the List are on her (the List's) home page and the search function works just fine.
(This goes back to the production thing, most of what I need to produce is already sitting on this List now and I'M LAZY and I don't wanna retype it.)

So I've gone about umpteen shades of crazy trying to systematicly scale a RPG and Joe waits till NOW to share?!?!


So I opened this last night and felt like a good cry.
I didn't even read the thing, just saw the pic.
I fetched Anne of Green Gables and proceeded to have my weep session.

So tell me Joe, do you think this guy wants the Pocket Armies stuff I've got?
If I get really lucky I can sluff off ALL production.
The Big Toe seems to be on a similar mission via the rules...
I'll bet ya I could run TFQ through the wash and still be able to read it which is one of the few "beer and pretzles" games I know of that the actual beer won't damage...
The DCG boys have the advents covered in spades...
Then there's the collected talent sitting on the List...

Just a sec...

How very intresting...

Jay must eye the infintile-delequent this afternoon.
Seems like I'll get to read the recomended site.
Where are my blank CD's?
I gotta check this cats scales...
I can already break Wolfram Alpha, but I've got ideas along other lines than just FDA food lables (which I can break with three ingreadents "calculation timed out").

Robert Earl Keen was on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me Saturday.

I write about it and it shows up.
Usually inside of a week.
Over and over and over...

Anyway, as he puts it the signs that youv'e gotten TOO rural arn't the subtle kind that sneak up on you, it's more like wakeing up at 5 a.m. to the sounds of your curseing wife shooting at cats with your deer rifle in her bra and panties.

Don't mess up TOO bad cause it's winter now and you'll bleed out before we can get you over the pass.
Why do you think all the Yahoo's LEAVE in the autum?

Wow! I think I've hard-wired my head to just babble.
I'm gonna have to look at some of my early stuff, did I always write this weird?

Wanna get weirder?

Jay Carlisle the bird watcher is more prolific on the web (curently) than Jay Carlisle the... uhhh... well whateverthehell I do, I mean me.
Game design Jay has described his own genera of Hummingbird.
How did THIS happen.

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