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(TFT) On issues of timing...

Microsoft unveils motion control for Xbox 360
Jun 1, 2009 (5:48p CDT) 
By DERRIK J. LANG  (AP Entertainment Writer) 

LOS ANGELES -  Gamers, get ready for your close-up.

Microsoft introduced a prototype camera Monday that can be used as a controller for the Xbox 360. Codenamed "Project Natal," the camera eliminates the need for a handheld input device - instead, the gizmo can track a player's full body movement, recognize their face and voice, scan images of real items and respond to both physical and vocal commands.

Now about my timing...

I'm useing slow motion functions with a middle of the road digital camera to time Actions in RPG's.
So look what the smart boys go and pull.

Just what's wrong with my timing?

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