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Re: (TFT) Momentum

Would YOU wanna be Ms. Jessica Fletchers friend?
('Murder She Wrote?')

< Don't mess up TOO bad cause it's winter now and you'll bleed out before we can get you over the pass.
Why do you think all the Yahoo's LEAVE in the autum? >

< I write about it and it shows up.
Usually inside of a week.
Over and over and over... >

Laugh while you can but I didn't put up the post of the list of all the crappy things that happend on June 17th last year because I'd prepaired it for the 18th, but Kendra passed on on the 17th that year.
Hitler dancing a jig at the news of the fall of Paris just didn't seem appropo...

So Pat drops the circular saw and cuts off his kneecap yesterday.
I wonder who I'm gonna kill by writing about death?
Myself probably.
At LEAST it wasn't winter.
I can't do that!
Can I?

Anyway, drawing a bow uses upper-back muscles (rhomboids/latissimus dorsi), shoulder muscles (rear deltoids) and neck muscles (trapezius), while holding a drawn bow at arms length and maintaining stability utilizes shoulder muscles (deltoids), chest (pectoralis major) and arm muscles (triceps).

Brace height is the distance from the string to the grip.
The longer this distance, the less magnified a shooters movements are from an accuracy standpoint.
Crossbows have significantly smaller brace heights than compound bows.

Crossbow @ 175lb. draw, 420grain bolt pushing a 125 grain field tip.
115 ft. lbs. at bow with a shaft speed of ~350fps
10 yards - 1" drop
20 yards - 6" drop (~2 Scale-Squares or moments)
30 yards - 15" drop
40 yards - 26" drop

Compound Bow @ 75lb. draw, 350 grain shaft tiped with a 125 grain field point.
82 ft. lbs. at bow with a shaft speed of ~350fps
10 yards - 1" drop
20 yards - 6" drop
30 yards - 17" drop
40 yards - 30" drop

Both the above are 'middlin' and modern examples of their types.
Crossbows average two to three times heavier than a compound bow and they tend to be more awkward to get into shooting position but they can be shot from a rest or bipod.
Crossbows are easier too shoot than compound bows and require less training to use.
A fully drawn string held cocked and ready is a distenct advantage in the first shot, but the reload time is SLOW and the crossbow limbs are noisy.

The arrow tends to fly straighter at longer distances and compound bow ranges tend to exceed comprable crossbow ranges slightly.

The bolt tends to retain more downrange energy, but sheds its velocity at a faster rate.

30 yards is the average shot distance for a bow, or crossbow hunter shooting whitetail.

PSE Archery released the TAC-15 this year.
It's a crossbow that mounts to AR-15 rifle recievers.

437.5 grains per oz.
80 grains per teaspoon.

And my arrows now fly like bullets instead of outta my @$$.
There's no reason to have a diffrent rule for ranged and thrown weapons.
Just because nobody but me wants to sit and do calculations during what's susposed to be a game dosen't preclude me from doing them and presenting it to the players as weapons.

Jay's got a shot here...

I've been sitting and doing the numbers.
Getting together the "software" rights I'm looking at has become intresting.
I figure I can put together the "licenses" I need for significantly less than the cost of an expensive new car.
Put together a reasonable presentation and it's a lot less.

Game designers have gotten very myopic for computers.

Perhaps it's the economics of the numbers, but I watched the Nintendo presentation at the G3 confrence and they have several releases that are basied on user generated content.

< sings >
"There's a time
and the time is now and it's right for me
It's right for me
and the time is now..."


For a system we care about.

I care about a system that "sparks" my imagination.
I care about a system that  is easy to learn but "deep" in its playability.
I care about a system that won't make me choose between anything but my viceses to be able to afford to play.
I care about a system that HELPS ME LEARN!
I care about a system that allows my work to be shared with a comunity of like minded gamers.
I care about a system that allows the group, and larger comunity, to adjust the rules to better fit real world data.

I care about a system that lets me plug real world data straight into the game.

I care about a system that entertains.

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