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RE: (TFT) Hand to Hand versus Multi-Hex Figures

> From: hulkasgt@yahoo.com
> I've been going through the mailing list archives again and I noticed a
discussion about Hand-to-Hand Combat with multihex figures. This has yet to
come up in one of my games, so I'd never thought about it before. However, it
seems that there is no rule against it in Melee or Advanced Melee.
> In other words, there is nothing preventing a ST 9 1-hex halfling from
entering Hand-to-Hand combat against a 3-hex Giant. If the Giant rolls a 1-4,
the Giant is "taken down" by the halfling and they are both rolling on the


   Great stuff as always.  Attempting to engage a one hex of a multi hex
figure in HTH has little effect on the larger figure.  A one hex halfling can
engage the giant in HTH by throwing itself underfoot, in other words.  Three
halflings against a giant may be another matter, if they all succeed that is.

David Michael Grouchy II

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