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Re: (TFT) Push & Trample

Your idea potentially resolves the contradiction, but I think it leads to a potentially disturbing outcome. Namely, that a larger figure has no chance of failure when trampling. When pushing back, a figure may make a 3/DX roll to avoid falling. Success means that figure doesn't lose its action. But if a figure is trampled, by your interpretation of the rules, that is a seperate action that follows the TRAMPLE portion of the rules, not the MOVING ONTO OTHER FIGURES portion of the rules. There is nothing in the TRAMPLING portion of the rules that gives the trampled figure an "out". He or she is automatically knocked down under foot, and the best he or she can hope for is to roll away and stand up again. In this manner a multihex figure can always defeat a single hex figure by simply trampling every turn, forcing the single hex figure to lose its action. Eventually the single hex figure will fail its DX roll and the multihex figure will kill it.

Additionally, the example under TRAMPLE specifically references the PUSH BACK rule: "Suppose that a giant has just advanced onto Eric the Emaciated to push him back. Eric misses his saving roll and falls underfoot." Clearly the contradictory example is directly referencing the MOVING ONTO OTHER FIGURES portion of the rules, indicating a typo or error on the part of the designer or editor.

--- On Thu, 6/11/09, Richard Walters <rick.walters@yahoo.com> wrote:

> AM p.4 - A multi-hex figure (giant, dragon, etc.) may end
> it's movement, or take it's "shift," by "pushing back" any
> number of one-hex figures, as long as the combined ST (at
> the moment) of the figures being pushed back is less than
> the figure doing the pushing.  The large figure moves
> one Hex and stops.  No figure can be pushed back more
> than one hex per turn.  
> So, you're right that the text contradicts itself, unless
> you see "pushing back" as an additional option for a very
> strong multiple hex creature above and beyond trampling on a
> shift.  
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