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Re: (TFT) Gunpowder Weapons

Quoting Richard Walters <rick.walters@yahoo.com>:
In a related thought, I also like seeing two sword and shield users ganging up on another creature where one of them uses shield rush and the other attacks. I similiarly like seeing shield walls where the wall gangs up on people along the line with shield rush attacks and liberal use of force-retreat.

For a short time, I had a new Talent in my house rules...
IQ 8 Shield Wall (cost 1 IQ, prerequisite Shield)

Shield wall allows figures, under certain conditions to add their shields' hits stopped to other figures. In order to use this talent, both figures must both have the Shield Wall talent, and ready shields. If an attack is sucessful against one of the figures, the other figure's shield's hits stopped is added to the attacked figure's if:

1. Both figures are adjacent, and

2. The attacking figure could have attacked the other figure. So, if you're in a line (or some permutation thereof), and you're attacked, you can use your hits stopped, plus the guys next to you shield's hits stopped. Of course, there's a configuration where the facing of an attacker doesn't allow the Shield Wall talent to work, but then the second guy usually gets a side hit anyway. I needed something like this for my version of the Roman legions. I didn't want the individuals to be all that powerful by themselves, but wanted them powerful as a group that had trained together. It worked pretty well.
Neil Gilmore
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