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Re: (TFT) The Lost TFT book

< I would give Thor a ST of 27, the additional talents, Mace, Beserker, and Running, and a much faster than normal recovery from injury or fatigue. >


Okay, admitedly this one is gonna be high in Kurics seeing as I don't own a copy of the tome in question, but I use the range 10 - 20 in ST to suggest the range between Highschool and College athleates, with 20 - 30 ST suggesting the range betweeen College and the Pros.
Under this view a Roger Maris home-run comes in starting around ST 27 if I recall.

Recall Apotheothis is mentioned in ITL.

As DMG pointed out so eloquently one of the wonderful things about this game is, much like any deep system, each GM can approach a question like this from diffrent directions.

I see a godlet as a mortal being with access to fantastic equipment.
Mnoren are a clasic example.
Being in a possistion of power provides the leasure to occupy ones Downtime after the passions one fancys rather than in anothers service.
Still, given access to the same training and equipment over a reasonable period of Downtime I'll take on anybody.
I may loose, but I'll give it a shot.

A god?

I understand there are these itty bitty little mites what that live at the base of my eye-lashes.
I wonder what one of them would punch when they rage at the universe?

I've been growing a LOT of cultures lately.
I've been in the same place for HOW LONG?!?
So the sourdough culture is into her 5th year.
The bakers yeast that I used for my first batch of wine are a year older and are now becoming a really good wine yeast.
(This years first stuff used 10 lbs. of pineapple, thus it's been dubed Pineapple Express. I racked it a few days ago.)
When the Statistics stuff came together with the injury stuff it pointed to biology.
I'd never paid much attention before but now that I was elbow deep in the stuff it was easy to finish the plunge.
Ergo, Jay grows little worlds just to shake them up and see what happens.
Ever grow plants on a potters wheel?
Guess what the roots do?
Ever grow a culture on a potters wheel?
I wonder what'll happen when I impact it?
Catastrophism is FUN!
When it's not me...

Oh yeah!
Keeping it inside the game...
The god thing can work like Adams fleas for me.
Ever read Job?
How was the conflict resolved?

The point, IMHO, is that there was conflict in the first place.
That's what the rules are for.

Perhaps the whole point of planet Earth is to support Mr. Addams intelengent shade of the colour blue and the colour uses us as a kind of algee to maintain it's high albedo enviroment.
(I don't know, I guess the guys like to jump around. I have very little refrence as to existance as a particle/wave.)
Even though the planet may function that way on certain scale levels this dosen't mean that stories/conflicts at the human scale level don't matter, on the contrary they are required via the setup of the system.
A campaign can run for the players lifetime and the GM need never reveal the fact but if a player ever trys to find the "deep magic" of the GM's campaign there's something to offer them.
It's that "I start digging" thing again.

I didn't mean to screed so..., it's gotta be this filthy writing habit.

Cuppa, cuppa.

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