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Re: (TFT) The Lost TFT book

 IMHO one of the best examples of Apotheosis, I heartily reccomend:'Votan'
by John James. It's a wonderful pseudo-historical/fantasy novel on the
accidental creation of the Norse gods by Roman amber merchant. Great
humour and very entertaining.If you can find a copy, there's a sequel:'Not
for all the gold in Ireland' where he does the same for Arthurian and
Irish myth. Have fun,Chris

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  < I would give Thor a ST of 27, the additional talents, Mace,
  Beserker, and Running, and a much faster than normal recovery from
  injury or fatigue. >


  Okay, admitedly this one is gonna be high in Kurics seeing as I
  don't own a copy of the tome in question, but I use the range 10 -
  20 in ST to suggest the range between Highschool and College
  athleates, with 20 - 30 ST suggesting the range betweeen College
  and the Pros.
  Under this view a Roger Maris home-run comes in starting around ST
  27 if I recall.

  Recall Apotheothis is mentioned in ITL.

  As DMG pointed out so eloquently one of the wonderful things about
  this game is, much like any deep system, each GM can approach a
  question like this from diffrent directions.


  Chris Nicole

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