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RE: (TFT) General test of In The Labyrinth Game Mastering 1

Congrats to PvK!

--- On Wed, 6/17/09, David Michael Grouchy II <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com> wrote:

> > PvK
> >
> >The GM could have invented his own special magic item
> or type of demon that works as this seems to work, but I
> think:
> >
> > It was an illusion of a legendary demon-quarrel. The
> party had already heard of the legend and believes it can
> happen. The illusionist is taking advantage of that, and
> fired an illusionary demon-quarrel, which can do what it
> does because they believe it is real an no one thought to
> disbelieve it. If there had been some animals around, they
> might have got some automatic 2 vs IQ rolls to
> auto-disbelieve it.
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