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RE: (TFT) General test of In The Labyrinth Game Mastering 1

Alright, so I have determined that some of the things that go on in my campaign require a bit more explaination.  Like the wepon demons, and not being in HTH as Hulka pointed out.  For now I will stick to the prepaired answer and get to those in a bit.  Also I have included the answer PvK sent me off list.
Repaired three sentence answer.
  The wizard behind the curtain summoned an illusion of a soul eating weapon demon, sort of just a demon that shapeshifts, and cast teleport on the illusion the following turn.  Total fatigue spent, 2 to summon, 3 for the teleport = 5.  There was a one in six chance that he would have been attacked by the demon and fallen from the balcony at the parties feet.
David Michael Grouchy II
> PvK
>The GM could have invented his own special magic item or type of demon that works as this seems to work, but I think:
> It was an illusion of a legendary demon-quarrel. The party had already heard of the legend and believes it can happen. The illusionist is taking advantage of that, and fired an illusionary demon-quarrel, which can do what it does because they believe it is real an no one thought to disbelieve it. If there had been some animals around, they might have got some automatic 2 vs IQ rolls to auto-disbelieve it.
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