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Re: (TFT) General test of In The Labyrinth Game Mastering 1

Brain in a jar 'ceptin for the fact that if you touch something hot the nerves in your spine feel it and yank your hand back BEFORE you ever regester the pain in your jar.

so that jar has tendrals coming out all over the place and the smooth stuff is automatic.

Heck, a little bit of your brain hangs outta your "jar" and touches the same air that srounds the rest of our bodies.
Check your nose.

There was a big debate amongst the cyrogenics comunity about weather the full body was required or not.

I say the body has memory too.

DX = 1 second / DX

IQ = 2 seconds / IQ

DX + IQ = reaction time

Reaction time is the amount of time required to both see an opposing Action and to start the nerve impulses required to take an appropate Action in reply.

Of course, with TFT, you have to average all this for 5second turns.

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