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Re: (TFT) experiment

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 11:46, maou_tsaou1@netzero.net <
maou_tsaou1@netzero.net> wrote:

> Still, I'd like to have a better command of the formating for the list.

Since the list doesn't support HTML encoding, you're at the mercy of
everyone's browser rendering. If rendered in mono-space font, those maps
will look right. I tend not to use monospace, since everything *else*
doesn't look so nice :-)

As for Google Docs, I'm not promoting it per se, because it promotes itself
through the ease at whitch one can get an account and edit things via a web
interface (browser). Creating/editing docs is a lot like word pad: simple
but effective. Formatting to Courier font is sufficient to make those maps
look right. Google Docs has a button to "share" the document, which gives
you a URL that you can paste into the list here. It's possible to share
documents with other people who have Google accounts, by adding their email
address to the list of users who can share the document, even with
permissions on how they can edit, without having to email the links back and

It literally took me 2 minutes to copy/paste that map and share it.

Cris Fuhrman
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