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Is there a definition of TFT?

Where does it STOP?

CAN a (attempted) uneversal system be defined as THIS is part of the game but THAT isn't?

I know that if I start talking Str,Int,Wis,Dex,Con,Chr then I ain't talking TFT.

So maybe ST, DX and IQ as stats are a requirement for talking about TFT.

Polyhedral dice don't seem to be included...




What CAN'T you talk about in an open system?

I ask because IMHO a game like this should encompass EVERYTHING!

I was (very nicely) informed that this list is about TFT and NOT computers, but "I" think that the algorythems a GM uses to resolve issue across the table should work just as well in a computer enviroment.

I'm NOT speaking of a TFT Warcraft, rather I'm speaking of some of the bookkeeping handled via computer.

What's wrong with computer assisted game-mastering?

Instead of "The GM rolls a series of dice" it'd read "The GM pulls up a menu on his laptop and clicks a button".

This is the same problem I've wittnessed for almost THREE decades now.

Hello me Droogies?
Do we not know when a game is a game?
Why not a meta-game?

In other words, while everybody else seems to strive to difrentiate their game from everybody elses, Jay strives to unify it all under the "Game" umbrella.

Handle real-estate w/Monopoly for all I care.
Just handle it.
Is your group having fun?
Are they clamouring for more?
Then you've done your duty as GM and can rest a touch.
Till it's time for the NEXT ADVENTURE anyway!


So Joe;
If Jay bables about compuer stuff here occasionaly are you gonna be upset with me?
I just want the stuff to move into the fuure in such a way that it'll stay alive in SOME form.

I say this because I've done a TON of stuff with reaction rolls (which I consider to be VERY important) but I've used this StoryTron thing to do the work and it's all gonna sound like I'm trying to make a computer game, which I'm not.
I'm trying to keep the face to face interaction alive.

Strange quest for a hermet, but there it is.

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