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Re: (TFT) TFT?


It's like this.

I'm at the point where I'm wondering where all the memories of all my poops go?

Down the "proverbial" drain?

Like copulating with the proverbial canine?

What does that MEAN?

And I'm gonna sign off for a day-ish.
I'll contemplate the (b) in 1 sec / DX + 2 sec / IQ + (x+b) = reaction time.

I've got a head start!

< sings >

Sometimes I live in the country
Sometimes I live in th town
Sometimes I get a great notion
To jump in the river and drown

( Ken Kesey 'Sometimes a Great Notion' and guess where "I" live?)

Goodnight Irene
Goodnight Irene
Goodnight Irene

I'll see you in my dreams

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