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RE: (TFT) The Lost TFT book

okay, id written this before I "dialed-up" and first had to send some hummingbird poop info.


I'd best read this thread...

anyhoo, here's what I wanted to say;

Returning to "Home modeler for the win..." I went and broke out the Teotihuacan model outta the garrage and was taking a look at the scale.

The refrence is listed as Rainbird Refrence Books LTD. London, from Hawkes 'Atlas of Ancient Archaeology'
The actual map is credited on all the academic sites to Millon, Drewitt and Cowgill 1973

So I download a copy of the map @ ~1" per km (@ 150% blow up) and figure the thing up for 450% @ 3" per km.
@ 3" per km each 1/4" is ~83.3 meters per quarter inch.
~41.6m @ 1/8th"
~20.8m @ 1/16th"
~10.4m @ 1/32nd"
~5.2m @ 1/64th"
~2.6m @ 1/128th"

Drumroll please!

~1.3m @ 1/256th"

And I'll leave the observation about bit-architecture to others..., or maybe not.

So I can cover the 10km diameter of Teotihuacan in 2.5 feet square.

A lot of these things are VERY made up in areas.
Unlike our other home modeler, I've done my two and a half feet up in large scale hexes that can be plucked outta the model and replaced with "later period" construction.
Point in fact The Temple Of The Sun had at least three major overbuilds, moving from an origional base dimension of about ~215m per side to ~225m per side, but the interior of the thing has never been fully excavated and explored so Jay pulled the second itteration outta his neathers and just went with the obvious ~220m per side.

By the way, has anyone on the list "Sketched Up" Bendwyn yet or should I keep going?
I doubt she'll ever get put on my Google Earth as she is poorly conceived but y'all still might find some of the basic structures QUITE useful in TFT.

and here's the original, what I'm responding too...

> Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 16:23:02 -0400
> Of course, if one were simply working from the
> Kalevala that would be all moot.

I had to look this up.  Thanks for sharing.  Love the ancient sources.
As to godlike attributes, it depends on the scale one is using.  Here is my version.  
Works just fine with a begining character.
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Talk about Altlas doing the shrug thing, and don't stir me up about the Rand thing.

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