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RE: (TFT) The Lost TFT book

Just driving home from vacation last week, I pondered how big would a 5,000 foot mountain (not overly high) be in my favorite miniatures scale (1"=5ft) 5,000 ft = 1,000 inches = 83 feet!

A 5,000 foot mountain in minis scale would be 83 feet high!

How's that for perspective?

- Marc

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>So I download a copy of the map @ ~1" per km (@ 150% blow up) and figure the thing up for 450% @ 3" per km.
>@ 3" per km each 1/4" is ~83.3 meters per quarter inch.
>~41.6m @ 1/8th"
>~20.8m @ 1/16th"
>~10.4m @ 1/32nd"
>~5.2m @ 1/64th"
>~2.6m @ 1/128th"
>Drumroll please!
>~1.3m @ 1/256th"
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