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Re: (TFT) The Lost TFT book

Denis said;

< Bellerephon got on the wrong side of one of Zeus's
thunderbolts for thinking he was on the same level as the gods.  Seems a
fitting end for anyone who dares to attempt such a thing. >

Now WE susposedly got kicked outta Eden for disobaying but the decesion also has a lot to do with the Tree of Life.
What do you expect ot be told about a guardian, that he's a whimp?
How much of the god thing is just reputation?
Is a Mnoren just one "reserved" Talent away from a "mortal"?
Ever read 'Job, a comedy of devine justice"?

I think part of what DMG was saying is, "what if every player's Figure was a deity"?

MAKE Zeus so aware that he uses a thunderbolt and your doing SOMETHING right!

And if the Dark Lord as "I" describe him ever got out of the membrane of hs universe and into mine he'd find my aging and broke-down old butt little chalange, even without his magic and I'm not positive about that.

Of course, not knowing the Deep Magic all he'd find is a chest full of notes and game stuff.
Being a fighter and not a lover I'd bet he'd find the concept of having to sit here and type all day distasteful at the very least!

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